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Physical Geography 12

Physical Geography 12 Course Overview

Big Ideas

Incorporating data from a variety of sources allows us to better understand our globally connected world.

Natural processes have an impact on the landscape and human settlement.

Interactions between human activities and the atmosphere affect local and global weather and climate.



Geography is the study of the physical, natural, and human elements of the global environment. It embraces many disciplines, and the nature of geography is to connect and synthesize information and ideas from a wide range of sources.

Where does this course fit?

  • Pre-Requisite: Social Studies 10
  • Graduation Status: One of the Grade 11/12 Social Studies options required for graduation

Course Materials

  • You will find readings, videos and other resources linked to the course pages.

Brief Outline



Module 1 - Geographic Themes

This first unit provides an overview of geographic themes. These themes provide an effective way to categorize and organize vast volumes of data in different fields of study. They help create a framework for the study of geography.

Module 2 – Tectonic Processes

The earth’s surface consists of three distinct layers which are constantly shifting. Students will explore how tectonic processes work, and how they affect us.

Module 3 – Gradation Processes

The Earth’s surface is constantly shifting. This unit on gradation looks at the main processes at work in changing our landscape.

Module 4 –Weather and Climate

In this unit, students will examine the factors affecting weather patterns and climate in different regions.

Module 5 - Biomes

The biosphere is the part of the Earth that is capable of sustaining life. Students will example various ecosystems found throughout our planet.

 Module 6 – Resources and Environmental Sustainability 

In this final unit, students will research, identify and assess how human and environmental factors and events influence each other. They will also consider how much responsibility we have for the environment.

Assessment Percentage Breakdown

Assessment Type

Percentage of the Course





Midterm exam


Final exam


You have up to a year to complete your course.

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