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Science for Citizens 11

Science for Citizens 11 Course Overview

Big Ideas

Scientific processes and knowledge inform our decisions and impact our daily lives.

Scientific knowledge can be used to develop procedures, techniques, and technologies that have implications for places of employment.

Scientific understanding enables humans to respond and adapt to changes locally and globally.



This course is an issues-oriented exploration of topics designed to promote scientific understanding and analytical skills. It explores scientific topics that a person encounters in their daily lives and in a work environment. The course also explores the science behind numerous environmental concerns and forensic investigations.

This course consists of assignments and online quizzes. There are no in-person tests. The course assignments have similar to the Start Up assignment format. Students must download an assignment file as a Microsoft Word Document. Open the file using Microsoft Word and type answers, or if a question asks, insert a picture into yellow boxes. When complete save it as a .doc or .docx file and upload it to the appropriate assignment submission folder.

Where does this course fit?

  • Prerequisites: Science 10
  • Graduation Status:  One of the Grade 11/12 Science options for graduation

Course Materials

  • All the resources for the course are located in the online CONTENT section.
  • No textbook is required.

Brief Outline



Unit 1

  • Nutrition
  • Health and Lifestyle
  • Personal Safety
  • Personal Screen Time

Unit 2

  • Climate Change
  • Energy and Natural Resources
  • Agriculture
  • Waste and a Circular Economy

Unit 3

  • Workplace Safety
  • Jobs in Materials Science

Unit 4

  • An Introduction to Forensics
  • Laboratory Analysis
  • Establishing Identities

Assessment Percentage Breakdown

Assessment Type

Percentage of the Course

StartUp Assignment


Unit 1


Unit 2


Unit 3


Unit 4


Students have up to a year to complete the course. 

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