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Media Design 11

Media Design 11 Course Overview

Big Ideas

Design for the life cycle includes consideration
of social and environmental impacts.

Personal design choices require self-exploration, evaluation, and the refinement of skills.

Tools and technologies
can influence
people’s lives.



Digital Media Development 11 offers knowledge on multimedia and provides many opportunities for hands on activities. The course is divided into four sections: 1) Desktop Digital Video; 2) Graphic Design 3) Animation; and 4) Web Publishing. By the end of this course students will have a portfolio of all their digital media work online. Students will create digital video, graphics for the web, animations, as well as developing a website to keep all their work.

Where does this course fit?

  • Prerequisites:  None
  • Graduation Status:  One of the Grade 10,11,12 ADST/Arts Education options for graduation
  • Recommended for grade 10 students

Course Materials

  • All instructional materials are provided in the course online.

Brief Outline



1. Web Publishing

In this unit you will learn about the basics of website. You will learn HTML and then create a simple website.

2. Design and Animation

In this unit you will use simple steps for creating an animation that incorporates storytelling and the principles of animation.

3. Graphic Design

Graphic design is the art of arranging visual elements i.e. image and text on a flat surface into a harmonious composition in order to communicate a message. You will use the following visual elements: Line, Shape, Texture, Color and Space to create an illustration that will provoke a response from the viewer.

4. Digital Video

Video, simply put, is telling a story by finding the right
sequence of pictures and words. You will pick an environmental focus and brainstorm ideas to come up with the most persuasive argument and then create a stop-motion video that will provoke a response from the viewer.

Assessment Percentage Breakdown

Assessment Type

Percentage of the Course



You have up to a year to complete your course. 

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