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French 10

Core French 10 Course Overview

Big Ideas

Listening and viewing with intent helps us begin to understand French.

Both verbal and non-verbal cues contribute meaning in language.

With simple French, we can describe ourselves and our interests.

Reciprocal communication in French is possible using high-frequency vocabulary and sentence structures.

Stories help us to acquire language.


Each culture has traditions and ways of celebrating.



In Core French 10 students will engage in spontaneous interactions using memorized vocabulary and structures. Students further develop descriptive skills and progress in linking and sequencing of narrative. They work with an increasing variety of French media and the Internet to locate information and complete various tasks. As their facility with French increases, students become able to provide more detailed oral, visual, and written responses. They are exposed to a range of French creative works, and they expand their knowledge of francophone customs and culture within the study of the language.

Where does this course fit?

  • Pre-requisites: French 9
  • Graduation Status: Elective for graduation
  • Follow up courses: French 11

Course Materials

  • The French 10 course is entirely online and a large portion of it is conducted within the program D’accord 1&2 by Vista Higher Learning (VHL) Central.
  • The course requires the use of:
    • USB Headset with microphone
    • Minimum hardware/software computer requirements.
  • Once the Start Up assignment has been successfully completed, student will be moved into the active class.

Brief Outline

This is a 4-credit course which is based on a minimum of 120 hours of work. It is graded as follows:



D’accord 1 , 7B

  • Travelling and hotel vocabulary.
  • Adverbs and the “imparfait”.

D’accord 1, 8A

  • House vocabulary
  • Study the difference between “passé compose” and “imparfait”.

D’accord 1, 8B

  • The two French verbs "to know" (savoir and connaître),
  • Review the different uses and conjugations of “passé compose” vs. “imparfait” and introduce vocabulary for household chores.

D’accord 2, 1A

La nourriture

  • Travelling and hotel vocabulary.
  • Adverbs and the “imparfait”.

D’accord 2, 2A


La santé

  • Terms for parts of the body, discuss your daily routine and your health, get familiar with healthcare in France.
  • Practice the pronunciation of ch,qu, ph,th and gn
  • Learn about reflexive verbs in more detail.

D’accord 2,3A 

La technologie

  • Discuss technology and find out more about the technology in France.
  • Get better understanding of the pronunciation of French final consonants,
  • Study the use of prepositions with infinitives and reciprocal verbs in more detail.

Assessment Percentage Breakdown

Assessment Type

Percentage of the Course

Start Up assignment


Auto-graded assignments


Teacher-graded assignments




Midterm exam




Final exam




NOTE:   If there is an unusual discrepancy between the assignment marks and test marks, VLN reserves the right to use only the test scores as a final evaluation for the course.

You have up to a year to complete your course. 

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