Learning Services

Vancouver School Board Learning Services is responsible for programs and services that support the needs of all learners from early learners through K-12. They also provide support for staff and parents in the school district.

Learning Services areas
  • Aboriginal Education
  • Athletics
  • Career Programs
  • Early Learning
  • ESL
  • Fine & Performing Arts
  • French Immersion/Modern Languages
  • Literacy and Libraries
  • Social Responsibility
  • Special Education

Support for teachers

  • Professional Development opportunities
  • Resources

Learning Services contacts                                                                                                 

General inquiries:Tel: 604-713-5202  
Fax: 604-713-5244/5076

  Director of Instruction 
Catherine Jamieson604-713-5202
  District Principal - Aboriginal Education
Don Fiddler

  District Principal - Alternative Programs,
   Community School Teams

Andrea Davidson
  District Principal - Learning TechnologiesAudrey Van Alstyne604-713-5673
  District Principal - Student SupportMette Hamaguchi604-713-5432
  District Principal - ELL, Student Placement & Newcomer ServicesBruce Garnett


  District Principal - Specialty ProgramsAdrian Keough604-713-5242
   District Athletics CoordinatorHarp Sohi604-713-5207
   Career Programs CoordinatorKaren Blake604-329-0038
Early Learning  
  Supervisor, Early LearningColleen Dickie604-713-4471
Fine & Performing Arts  
   District Fine & Performing Arts CoordinatorPeggy Bochun604-713-5206
  District Literacy & Assessment TeacherGina Wong 604-346-8546
  Early Intervention/Early Literacy ConsultantNicole Harrison 778-928-6563
  French Immersion Teacher LeaderSallie Boschung 604-831-1635
  Reading Recovery Trainer      Christine Fraser           778-241-5123
Modern Languages  
   Modern Language ConsultantStacey Sveistrup604-317-5768
Social Responsibility and Diversity
   District Vice Principal, Student Support Services - SEL and Prevention Programs
Selma Smith604-713-5216
   Abuse Prevention CoordinatorJan Sippel604-713-5204

   Anti-homophobia and Diversity Mentor

Stephanie Lofquist778-228-1914
   Anti-racism and Diversity MentorRobert Clifton778-228-1662 
   SACY ManagerArt Steinmann604-713-5233
District Reception and Placement Centre   

   1000 East 59th Avenue, V5X 1Y7

Tel: 604-713-5999Fax: 604-713-5998
   East wing of Moberly Elementary School  
District Psych-Educational Centre  
  2330 E. 37th Avenue (Cunningham Elementary)  
   Monie Chung - Office Support BTel: 604-713-5439Fax: 604-713-5561