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Program Objectives:

SET-BC will build the capacity of all B.C. school districts and Group I and II Independent Schools to support their students by facilitating access to and knowledge of assistive technology, related resources, and training. All students we support will have an equal opportunity to feel belonging, connection and purpose in their educational settings while building a foundation of self-confidence and ability for their future aspirations.

The goal of SET-BC’s service delivery model has always been to build school and district capacity to support students through the implementation of assistive technologies.  Our service delivery model has evolved as district and team needs have changed but the core process and services have remained fundamentally the same for many years.  SET-BC educators and specialists meet with school teams to determine what technology solution(s) would best meet student needs.  The SET-BC Provincial Loan Bank acquires and loans the technology to the school district for use with the student and the SET-BC educators train one or more district/school team members on the use and implementation of the technology for that student.  After the first year of service, SET-BC continues with technical support if needed, and school/district teams all have access to online professional learning requests, our online resource, and web-based supports.

Referral Process:

All applications for support for students with diverse and complex needs from SET-BC need to go through the District Partner (DP) and the District Planning Committee.  SET-BC does not accept applications that have not come from a DP.

Each district identifies students with complex needs who require support from SET-BC (many districts find a screening committee aids this process of student identification). Once the students are identified by the school district team, the DP submits student applications for consideration and SET-BC identifies which service requests to support. 

Districts should only prioritize and put forward those students who have complex needs requiring complex technology solutions for whom the district is not able to provide technology or support on its own.  Each district has its own distinct process for application submission.  School teams should contact their DP for information on this process.  All DPs contact information can be found on the SET-BC website.  

Exit Criteria and Follow Up:

SET-BC provides ongoing educational team support for 1 year for all Full-Service requests.   After that first year, the technology loaned to the student moves to EOS (Equipment Only Support) for another two years where ongoing technical support is provided.  After 3 years, a district/school team is welcome to apply for continued services with another Full-Service request or through the Assistive Technology Loan Only program. 

Please visit the SET-BC Website for more information:

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