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VSB Gives Back 2023


This December, hundreds of staff showed their support for the first-ever 'VSB Gives Back' fundraiser. This multi-event fundraiser is a meaningful initiative to help raise funds for a different charity organization each year that have given back to VSB students in one form or another. 

This year’s organization is the Vancouver Firefighters Charity (VFC) in support of the Snacks for Kids program. This impactful program provides daily nutritional support to over 5,500 food-insecure youth across more than 60 VSB schools and after-school programs. Snacks for Kids has been instrumental in providing our schools with essential healthy snacks, fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as nourishing meals for students and their families. VFC plays a vital role in ensuring that students have access to the nutritious food they need to thrive in and out of school.

On December 6, Trustees, senior leaders and off-duty firefighters flipped pancakes and dished out food to kick off the fundraiser. The normally quiet lunchroom at the Education Centre was jolly early in the morning as the staff from all over the District enjoyed pancakes, eggs and more before starting their workday. Many school-based administrators even joined arriving as early as 7:30 a.m. to contribute and enjoy pancakes with their colleagues. After the breakfast, representatives from VFC spoke to the administrators to thank them for donating. VFC also expressed their deep gratitude to the many principals and vice-principals in the room who’ve facilitated the Snacks for Kids program and welcomed off-duty fire fighters into their schools.  

The following week, more staff gathered at The Workshop, headquarters for VSB’s trades and maintenance workers. Over 140 people participated including grounds crews, transportation staff, construction and maintenance teams. Many staff from the Education Centre travelled to the East Vancouver site on their lunch breaks to join the festivities and make their contribution. The energy in the room was upbeat with coworkers reminiscing and connecting over chilli, hamburgers and a meaningful cause. In addition to lunch, door prizes which were drawn at the end of the meal and Education Centre staff enjoyed tours of The Workshop. Off-duty firefighters once again celebrated with staff and spoke to their shared goal of supporting students in the District.  

In addition to the in-person events, staff purchased raffle and 50/50 tickets for a chance to win donated gift baskets and a cash prize. The VSBean coffee cart also donated all proceeds from a week of coffee sales to the fundraiser. And continuing the spirit of giving, many staff made direct contributions to the fund, including the 50/50 winner who donated a portion of his winnings. 

“Giving a small portion of the winnings back to the VFC Snacks for Kids program felt like the right thing to do. The VFC did a great job explaining what our donations are supporting and about the kids in our community that we are helping with them. I am very excited to have won, and happy to have helped support the program. I enjoyed this year’s events and look forward to the next one!”

Steven Pearson, VSB Carpenter

 The entire fundraiser was a community effort and VSB is proud to announce it raised over $20,000! Thank you to everyone who donated their time and dollars this holiday season.

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