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Vocal about Vaping

What is Vaping? 

Vaping is a smokeless, non-combustible form of nicotine delivery that vaporizes a nicotine-containing (or non-nicotine containing) liquid into an inhaled aerosol. Vaping devices include four core components: a mouthpiece, a cartridge (holds the e-liquid), an atomizer (for heating the e-liquid) and the battery (to power the atomizer).

Vaping Myths 

Myth: Everyone Vapes 

According to McCreary's 2018 Adolescent Health Survey, 21% of all BC secondary students report vaping with nicotine and 19% without nicotine. One in five youth may try, but it is not everyone. 

Myth: Vaping is safer than smoking tobacco. 

While e-liquids do not contain the 7000 toxic chemicals found in tobacco, the ingredients within e-liquid, when heated, are toxic for our bodies. 

Myth: It’s nicotine-free? 

While some vaping products claim to have no nicotine contents, some of these products do contain trace amounts without labelling. 

Myth: Vaping doesn’t affect anyone around. 

Second-hand vapour contains nicotine, heavy metal and tiny particles, which may cause inflammation and other health problems. 

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