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Windermere PREP Program

Program Description

Windermere Pre-employment Program (formerly PASE) is two-year grade 10 and 11 program designed to lead to grade 11 equivalency. The Windermere Prep Program focuses on a combination of core academics, work experience, and community involvement. Students are integrated into elective courses. Students typically return to their catchment school in grade 12 or enter further training or pre-employment opportunities (i.e., VSB Youth Train in Trades, VSB Youth Work in Trades Apprentice Program, etc.).

Student Profile

Students have a Ministry Designation of R, Q, or D. Students have consistent attendance and are able to complete an unsupported work experience. Students are age 15-18 who have not yet completed grade 10 and 11 graduation requirements and are struggling in a mainstream classroom setting and/or are currently in a grade 8/9 SpEd program and require a more supported grade 10 program.

Referral Process

Prep applications are reviewed by the Program Screening Committee. Referrals are sent to the District Case Manager of Learning Support. 

Documentation Required

  • completed “Request for Designation &/or Special Education Program Placement” form
  • Psycho-educational assessment (if available)
  • Individual Education Plan (IEP) 
  • recent report card
  • School Based Team minutes

Capacity and Staffing

15 students

1 Teacher

Program Location

Windermere Secondary 

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