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Priority Kindergarten Registration

Registration is a two-part process. 

Step 1: Complete an online application form

If your child was born outside of Canada, you will need to complete your registration online through the  VSB - Newcomer Welcome Centre (NWC) 

Step 2: Verifying Documentation

  • Contact your catchment school to set up an appointment to bring your supporting documentation
  • Bring supporting documentation to your catchment school during your scheduled appointment

The following original documents must be presented to complete your application:

  • Proof of British Columbia residency
  • The original birth certificate of the child
  • Applicable Immigration/Citizenship/Permanent Resident Documentation
  • Immunization Records if available

[Note: Some schools may request additional identification as proof of residency.]

NOTE: Some catchment schools do not have space for all students even if you apply before the January 31 deadline. In these cases there will be a draw for student placement during mid-February and the school will contact you by late April to confirm your enrolment.

District choice programs

Families must register at their neighbourhood catchment school during the priority registration period (November 1 - January 31) before applying for Kindergarten Choice programs.

Applying for a District choice program is a separate process and runs from January 9 to February 3. Visit the Kindergarten Choice Programs page for more information.


Families who wish to apply to a school outside of their catchment area, known as cross-boundary, will register their child at their neighbourhood catchment school first.

Applying for cross-boundary is a separate online process and runs from February 1-28. Cross boundary applications will only be considered after all in-catchment students have been accommodated.

More information can be found on the District website, under cross boundary registration.

Identified Full Schools

While the majority of schools can accommodate all their catchment students, there are some schools that cannot. Out of the 89 elementary schools in the VSB, 15 schools are identified as full schools this year (2023). For planning purposes, below is the list of schools that are identified as full schools and as such may not have physical space to accept all kindergarten students in their catchment. 

It is important know all students in the District will be placed in a school, even if you are in an identified full school. The District will do its best to place your child at the nearest school to his/her catchment school. Those at an identified full school will be notified that their child is placed on the waitlist by mid February, in time for you to optionally apply to a choice program, or cross-boundary. Applying to a choice program or cross-boundary is optional, the District will automatically place you to an overflow school nearest to your catchment area. If you applied for kindergarten during priority registration, all parents will be notified by mid-April to confirm their child's school. 

2023 identified full schools 

  • Carr
  • Cavell
  • Crosstown
  • Elsie Roy
  • False Creek
  • Fraser
  • Gordon
  • Hudson
  • Jamieson
  • Maple Grove
  • Nelson
  • Norma Rose Point
  • Roberts 
  • Roberts Annex
  • Sexsmith


Starting kindergarten is a huge milestone. Check out our brochures on Preparing for Kindergarten, Building Confident Learners to help you prepare.

Find out more information about:

Sibling Priority for kindergarten admission is only provided to students who register between November 1 - January 31.  Sibling priority is not provided after January 31.

For additional information, check out our frequently asked questions.

Contact your neighbourhood catchment school for assistance with the application process, or the online choice program application process,. They will be happy to assist you.

Podcast Episode: All things kindergarten

We know kindergarten enrolment is a hot topic in Vancouver, so we did a deep dive into kindergarten registration and enrolment. In episode #3, we answer questions about the kindergarten registration process, talk about the different programs available, and provide tips on preparing for kindergarten. 

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