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Kindergarten Registration FAQs

What is the application process for kindergarten? And what documents are required?

Applications for kindergarten for the following September will begin on November 1st. All registrations are a 2 step process and your application is not considered complete until both steps have been completed.

  1. Complete an Online Application -  Kindergarten Registration Page
  2. Verifying Documentation
    • Contact your English Catchment School Office to set up an appointment to bring your supporting documentation (*If child is born outside of Canada, see question/answer below)
    • Bring supporting documentation to your English catchment school office during your scheduled appointment

Required Documentation:

  1. Proof of address in Vancouver (recent property tax statement, purchase agreement, or rental agreement plus at least one recent bill invoice showing name and address)
  2. Child’s proof of identify (birth certificate or Canadian immigration or citizenship documents)
  3. Proof of parent/guardian identity (picture ID such as passport, drivers licence, citizenship card)
  4. Original school report cards with certified translation in English if needed from two most recent school years
  5. Child’s immunization records since birth and, if necessary, any other important health documents

[Note: Schools experiencing enrolment pressure will request additional identification as proof of residency.]

Students applying for registration between November 1 and January 31 will be given enrolment priority over those who apply later. Should there be more applicants than available space in any program at the end of January, a draw will be held.

Please visit the School Draws and Waitlists document for more information.

What is the application process for choice programs (French Immersion, Aboriginal Focus, Montessori, Fine Arts, and Early Mandarin Bilingual?)

Families who are interested in registering their children in a District choice program must still register their child at their catchment school. Registering for a choice program is a separate process and runs from January 10 to February 3. More information can be found on the District website, under kindergarten choice registration.

When can a family register their child for kindergarten?

Priority enrolment to register your child in kindergarten at the Vancouver School District will run from November 1 to January 31. Children can start Kindergarten in September the year they turn five. 

Where do I submit my kindergarten application?

Applying involves 2 Steps:

  1. Completion of an online application form
  2. Make an appointment to bring supporting documentation, along with your child, to your neighbourhood English catchment school

The school locator tool is offered to help families identify their catchment school.  It is also built into the Online Application Form.

My child was born outside of Canada. How can I register them for school?

Students born outside Canada have a similar 2-step process to register for kindergarten.     

  • Step 1: Submit an online application - Kindergarten Registration Page
  • Step 2: Verifying Documentation
    • For children born outside of Canada, book an appointment at the Newcomer Welcome Centre (NWC) to bring in your documentations for verification.  A link to book your appointment will be included in your registration confirmation email.  Please note NWC visits are by appointment only.  Please email NWC at if you have questions. 

Please see the NWC website for more specific information about registration procedures.

My child has special needs. How do I register him/her for kindergarten? 

For children with special needs, the district’s student support team works with parents and community partners to create engaging learning communities where all students can be successful. Find more information on transitioning to kindergarten for children with special needs.

What happens if a regular English program receives more in-catchment kindergarten applicants than available space?

If a school receives more applications than available spaces by January 31, a random draw will be held. Catchment students who apply within the early application period will be eligible for the draw. Catchment siblings who register between November 1st and January 31 are given sibling priority and will be placed prior to the draw.

What happens if I register my child after January 31?

Applications received after January 31 will NOT be considered until all in-catchment students who submitted an application prior to January 31 have been placed. Late applicants, including siblings of in-catchment students already enrolled in the school, will be added in time-dated order to the end of the school’s in-catchment waitlist if applicable.

When will families be notified about the results of the draw?

Parents should receive notification of their child’s status by email in late February or early March.

Does a family have to formally accept a position, and if so in what time frame?

Families will have 48 hours to confirm their acceptance of the space in kindergarten.

What happens if my child is unsuccessful in the draw for a kindergarten space at the catchment school?

Students not selected in the draw will be added to a waitlist. If space becomes available, the student next on the waitlist will be given the opportunity to attend the school. All students on the waitlist will be placed at a school in the District.

Can I apply cross-boundary to another school?

Families who wish to apply to a school outside of their catchment area (known as cross-boundary) will also need to register their child at their neighbourhood catchment school first. Registering for cross-boundary is a separate process and runs throughout February . Cross boundary applications will only be considered after all in-catchment students have been accommodated. More information can be found on the District website, under cross boundary registration.

If I am going to be moving to Vancouver, can I register for the kindergarten catchment school where I intend to live?

You must be a resident in the catchment area at the time of application in order to apply as an in-catchment applicant.

My spouse and I are separated and arrangements have been made for our child to live with one parent on alternate days/weeks. Is my child entitled to complete an in-catchment registration at two different schools?

A student can only have one catchment school. Parents need to determine which school will be their catchment school.

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