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Food Framework Ad Hoc Committee

The Vancouver School Board will establish a Food Framework Ad Hoc Committee to advise the Board on the development a holistic 10-year vision and food framework.

The committee will consist of two VSB trustees, up to nine representatives of the VSB’s formal stakeholder groups and at least two VSB student members along with public participation from individuals with relevant food experience and subject matter experts.

Food Framework Ad Hoc Committee FAQs

 What is the Food Framework Ad Hoc Committee?

The Food Framework Ad Hoc Committee will include members of the District’s stakeholder groups and experts to advise the Board on the development a holistic 10-year vision and food framework for the Vancouver School Board. View terms of reference.

 Why is it being formed?

The committee is being formed as a result of a Board motion passed September 23, 2019:

 That the VBE develop a holistic 10 Year Vision and Food Framework for the District and create a Food Working Group with stakeholders and external representatives to advise on this work.

 The work would include:

  • To develop a 10 year vision for the District that would include a Food Framework incorporating relevant key components including but not limited to: food programs, (including breakfast and lunch currently made by VSB staff and delivered to students around the district), food growing, production, distribution, nutrition, waste, security, donations, education, funding and lobbying that is in alignment with the District’s Strategic Plan and budgets, and
  • Identifying the capital and operating costs associated with developing a Food Framework and its implementation.

And that next steps would be to begin the process as follows:

  • After the presentation of the VSB Food Report to stakeholders in October 2019, stakeholder representatives would work with staff to develop a Terms of Reference for Board approval for the establishment of a Food Working Group (FWG);
  • Targeting reporting to Trustees on the Terms of Reference by December 16, 2019,
  • Once the Terms of Reference are established and approved, asking staff and stakeholder representatives to participate in the FWG and to identify additional FWG participants with relevant food experience. Possible candidates could include parents with food experience, subject matter experts in food growing (Fresh Roots, urban farmers), food production and distribution; nutritionist, Coastal Health dietician, Coalition for Healthy School Food Rep, Vancouver Food Policy reps, other relevant government representatives and city poverty groups;
  • Targeting an inaugural meeting by March 2020 and to establish a meeting schedule for the group moving forward;
  • The development of the Food Vision and 10-year Plan would include a focus on equity and establishing values, goals and targets with timelines and deliverables, and
  • Staff would advise the Board of a delivery date for the above by June 2020.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the forming of the committee was postponed. The adjusted timeline will now be:

October - December 3, 2021: Committee online member application intake
January - May 2022: Committee meetings

June 15, 2022 - Executive Summary VSB Food Framework, presented at the Student Learning and Well-Being Committee
June 27, 2022: 10-year food vision and framework approved at the Board

Why are representatives from the outside community included?

The Board wants participation from community representatives who are subject matter experts and/or have relevant food experience such as food production and distribution, food growing, nutritionists, dieticians, poverty-reduction groups, people who access food program and others who can contribute to the 10-year plan the Board wishes to form.

What is the evaluation criteria and who decided on the committee’s composition?

The evaluation criteria and composition were determined by a subset of trustees who received feedback from the Student Learning and Wellbeing Committee before recommending it to the Board for final approval. 

Will members of the committee be compensated for their time?

Participation in the committee is voluntary with no compensation. 

Will meetings be held in public and broadcast online as are the VSB committee and Board meetings?

The meeting will be held in private, however regular updates will be provided to the Student Learning and Wellbeing Committee.

Will this committee decide about closing cafeterias as recommended by the Chemistry Report?

The role of the committee is to develop a holistic 10 year food framework vision for the District. The committee will not make any operational decisions or recommendations. The Board will make decisions regarding the final framework. 

When will decisions be made?

The Food Framework Vision was approved at the June 27, 2022 Board meeting.


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