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Targeted Early Intervention Resource (TEIR)

Program Description 

TEIR is a short term, intensive program for students in their grade 2 year who have been identified with a significant delay in the acquisition of literacy skills.

The focus of TEIR is to provide a differentiated learning setting that will facilitate the acquisition of literacy skills. TEIR provides transition and literacy recommendations to school teams upon completion of the program.

Student Profile

  • documented evidence and Tier 1 and Tier 2 interventions have been consistently and systematically implemented at the school level
  • grade 2 placement
  • average cognitive potential and average verbal skills
  • recent assessments indicate a need for targeted intervention particularly in phonics, phonemic awareness, and fluency

Referral Process

TEIR applications are reviewed by the TEIR screening Committee once per year in early spring. There are two intakes per school year with each cohort attending for approximately 16 weeks. Afterwards, students return to their home school. Referrals are submitted to the District Case Manager of Learning Support. Deadlines are posted on the Student Support SharePoint.

Documentation Required

  • completed “Pre-Referral Intervention Strategies” (PRIS) form
  • a copy of the most recent report card
  • School Based Team minutes
  • Pertinent reports (OT, SLP, Vision, Medical, etc.)
  • A completed TEIR Screening Package (found on the Student Support SharePoint)

Students who have the following profiles will not be considered for the TEIR program:

  • Suspected below average intellectual abilities
  • English Language Learners
  • Students with behaviour challenges that impact the learning of self or others
  • Frequently late or absent from school
  • Currently registered in French Immersion

Capacity and Staffing

Grade 2

8 students

1 Teacher and 1 SSA

Program Location

Collingwood Neighbourhood School

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