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Hospital Homebound Services and Supports

Hospital Homebound is a service that is provided for students who have been or will be absent from school for a minimum period of two weeks duration as a result of a recent hospitalization. This may apply when a student is receiving active treatment for an illness or condition as diagnosed and documented by a medical professional, or when a student is recovering from a recent surgery or medical procedure. Hospital Homebound services are reserved for students who are unable to physically attend school.

 Hospital Homebound instruction is provided 1:1 by a District Home Instruction Teacher. The amount of instruction provided typically ranges from 1 hour per week to 1 hour every two weeks, dependent upon teacher caseload. Instruction is provided in collaboration and consultation with school staff, specifically the Classroom Teacher and Resource Teacher.  Hospital Homebound services are intended to enable the student and family to maintain a connection with their school during their absence and to support the transition back to school. Hospital Homebound services do not serve as a replacement for a regular school day.

Referral Process

Hospital Homebound referrals are submitted to District Learning Services by the school-based Administrator. A Hospital Homebound Referral Form is completed and submitted with applicable medical documentation by the students home school. The accompanying documentation must explicitly state a diagnosis and articulate the student’s inability to attend school as a result. District Learning Services reviews the referral package and renders a determination back to the school as to whether the student is an appropriate candidate for Hospital Homebound services, based upon the following criteria:

Student profile:

  • has undergone a recent hospitalization as a result of illness, injury, or medical procedure
  • is unable to attend school as a direct result of the above
  • will have an absence from school that is in excess of two weeks’ duration
  • has received a formal medical diagnosis, as determined by a physician, that directly relates to and is the reason for the school absence


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