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Long Range Facilities Plan


The Long-Range Facilities Plan (LRFP) is a strategic planning framework and source of information that fulfills two Ministry of Education requirements: 

  • Providing a mechanism to demonstrate to the Ministry that the District is using its facilities effectively and efficiently to support educational goals
  • Providing a rationale for the District’s requests for capital investment from the government

The LRFP is also a strategic framework and source of information for key local decisions with respect to educational programming, enrolment management, and operational goals for facilities. The LRFP is designed to communicate the Board of Education’s vision, relevant and up-to-date information, and ongoing planning processes that advance the strategic goals of the District. As such, the LRFP has three components: 

  • Vision, Regulatory Requirements, Guiding Principles and Planning assumptions
  • Base Case and Future Scenarios -Snapshot of District demographics, enrolment, facilities, the progress of the seismic mitigation program, educational programming information and potential future scenarios
  • Local Planning Studies and Reports
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