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French Language


Elementary Core French 

Elementary Core French is a basic second language program intended to enable students to communicate purposefully in French and develop openness to cultural diversity. The program is available in elementary schools in grades 5-7, offering an average of 90 minutes of French instruction per week.  

In addition to Core French, the VSB offers immersion and intensive programs for non-French speaking students who wish to develop a high level of proficiency in both official languages. These programs provide your child with a fun, effective and challenging way to learn French and participate in French cultural learning experiences.

French Immersion 

Students enrolled in French Immersion study the same BC curriculum as students in the English language program, but the language of instruction and communication is French. 

Intensive French

Students enrolled in Intensive French receive about 80% of their instruction in French during the first half of the year and 20% during the second half. The rest of the curriculum (with the exception of mathematics) is compressed into the second half of the year.

For more information on each of the programs:

Early French Immersion: K-7

Late French Immersion: Gr 6-7

Intensive French: Grade 6-7

French Immersion: Grade 8-12

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