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Administrative Procedures Manual

The VSB Administrative Procedures Manual (APM) provides guidance and direction to staff and the community regarding District operations.  The Administrative Procedures Manual reflects the direction of the District as established in our Board Policies and Procedures.  

There are five categories in which administrative procedures are placed in the Administrative Procedures Manual (Search for specific AP here).  The categories are:

100      General Administration

200      Instructional Programs and Materials 

300      Students

400      Personnel and Employee Relations

500      Business Administration

Procedures placed in the 100 section are those of a general administrative nature or those which have applicability to at least two other categories in the Administrative Procedures Manual. The procedures in 200, 300, and 400 are specific to each of the titles. The Business Administration procedures (500) include finance, facilities, and student transportation matters.

Gaps in the numbering sequence facilitate the insertion of additional administrative procedures that may be developed at a future time.

The Administrative Procedure Manual is currently undergoing a review process for the purpose of updating content and shall be updated on an ongoing basis, in collaboration with District stakeholders.

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