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Student leadership fund

At the May 31, 2023 public board meeting, the Board passed the following motion: 

That $100,000 be added to the budget to facilitate increased opportunities for student leadership including cross-school gatherings and funding to support student leadership projects and initiatives.

As of December 2023, the student leadership fund is ready to be allocated on an application basis to support student leadership projects for the 2023/2024 school year.  

2023/24 applications are now closed.


Secondary student voices were canvassed by the Vancouver District Students’ Council (VDSC) in the development of the student leadership fund criteria. Based on the ideas generated by students for students, the following principles and criteria will guide the allocation of student leadership funds:

  • Projects should uphold the principles of the VSB Education Plan and the student code of conduct, with attention to the District’s commitment to diversity and inclusion as well as  student safety and wellbeing.
  • Projects can be oriented towards community-building. Such initiatives can be based on any student leadership initiative/idea including but not limited to student engagement events, volunteer-based initiatives, fundraising endeavors, curricular enhancements, philanthropic pursuits, coaching, art, design, and student wellness. The list is endless – harness your creativity!
  • To foster student to student leadership, projects are ideally led by student groups rather than individuals.  
  • Aiming to connect students, the leadership fund strives to support initiatives that are purposeful, achievable, and accessible. Projects applying for funds should be approached with a feasible timeline and clear plan of action.
  • Projects will be invited to present at the student leadership project showcase, hosted by VDSC in June 2024, to connect student leaders and student leadership initiatives from across the district.


  • Applications must involve students studying in the Vancouver School Board, grades K-12.
  • Up to $2,000 can be allocated per project led by secondary school students, up to $1,000 can be allocated per project led by elementary school students and up to $4,000 can be allocated per project for cross-District projects led by students.
  • Project mission must align with student developed grant leadership principles:
    • Uphold the principles of the VSB’s Education Plan and the student code of conduct
    • Support diversity and inclusion, as well as student safety and wellbeing
    • Oriented towards student generated ideas and opportunities 
    • Foster youth leadership by being run by a team of students
    • Build skills in task delegation, discussion, and team management, communication and organization
    • Connect the school community
    • Support initiatives that are purposeful, achievable, and accessible
    • Applicants must have a student lead, sponsor teacher and approval from the school administrator via application form.

Apply for the student leadership fund here. Please ensure you complete and submit the application form by February 15, 2024. All submissions will be reviewed  to ensure that each proposal meets the established criteria and eligibility. Allocated funds will be confirmed through the teacher sponsor, student lead, and school administrator by February 29, 2024.


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