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Course Fee Information

British Columbia Students - The Ministry of Education will fund all school age students who along with their parent/legal guardian are ordinarily residents in BC.

International students, who reside in BC but whose parents do not normally reside in BC, will be charged a fee to attend Summer Learning courses.

For further information, see Funding Eligibility.

For courses that require a fee, payment by VISA or MasterCard is required at the time of registration.

Course Fees

 Secondary Completion Course 
80-Hour Course

1st Elementary Course Secondary Remedial, Review, Preview, ELL
40-Hour Course (funded)

2nd Elementary Course
40-Hour Course (Non-Funded)

British Columbia Students

No Fee

No Fee


(A $30 non-refundable administrative fee will be charged for all withdrawals or transfers from a course for any reason. No refund will be issued after the first day of class.) 

International non-BC (fee-paying) Students




A $100 non-refundable administrative fee will be charged for transferring from one class to another if space is available.  No Tuition refund will be issued for withdrawal for any reason once registered)

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