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Student Engagement


Listening to the hopes and Dreams of students

The Education Plan 2026 will be our roadmap to improve outcomes for students. Student voice is crucial in developing a strategic plan. Thus, the District has initiated a student engagement phase. This allows us to visit and listen to students on what matters most to them. Students share their voice by participating in an interactive learning session. Their feedback will help inform and guide our decision-making process.

Engagement Sessions

The engagement sessions are an opportunity for staff and trustees to listen directly to students at their schools. The session introduces students to the role of a school trustee and their connection to the Education Plan. It also engages them in activities that will help shape the goals and objectives of the plan.

The session has nine activities that guides students to share their voice. For example, we ask students, "How could adults help you learn better?" Below is a small sample size that is represented through a brief video and a word cloud.


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