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Peak House School Program

Program Objectives

The Peak House School Program provides academic continuity and re-engagement opportunities for youth attending voluntary live-in treatment for problematic substance use. An individualized education program is developed for each student to support their educational goals for their time at Peak House and to facilitate a successful transition back to the home community after completion of the program. The students attend school five days per week, which includes a weekly educational field study in art, community recreation, or post-secondary exploration. The inclusive education teacher in the school program participates in ongoing collaborative planning with the Peak House team to support the student’s therapeutic and educational goals.

Referral Process

Referrals for Peak House are received by the Vancouver Coastal Health Centralized Addictions Intake Team (CAIT) from the youth’s community counsellor. Upon intake to Peak House, the student is eligible for Peak House School Program services. With received consent from the guardian of the student, the Peak House teacher contacts the most recent community school or educational program to collaborate and share information germane to the student’s educational programming and supports.

Discharge and Transition Planning

The school program also provides transition services by working collaboratively with the student, their family, and their multidisciplinary team, and liaises with and supports the community school and district to provide appropriate learning and support services. The last weeks of the program are dedicated to after-care transition planning. The inclusive education teacher supports the students and their community team with school options and placement and supports the student to develop and/or strengthen their relationship with their school team. Educational information is provided to the community school, which includes strengths, stretches, credits earned, and recommendations for their ongoing educational programming. This information is reviewed by the student and their caregiver and/or guardian and provides a foundation for the student's Individual Education Plan (IEP) or Student Learning Plan (SLP). The school program also offers post-program services including consult, school service, and transition services if the after-care plan is not established at their exit. 

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