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Weather-related school closures

Vancouver School District has procedures in place for situations when severe weather, like heavy snowfall or extremely high winds, may affect schools.  

During severe weather events, all schools in the Vancouver School District will remain open, if possible. If a District-wide closure is necessary, that will be decided and publicized by 6:30 a.m.  

Details about District-wide school closures will be announced through the media, the District website and school websites, as well as the District's social media channels.  

How are decisions made about school closures:

District staff monitor forecasts and conditions, and work with the City of Vancouver and other partners to assess safety when there may be:  

  • heavy snowfall  
  • extreme cold  
  • freezing rain  
  • extreme heat  
  • other hazardous weather/emergency conditions that pose risks to student and staff safety  

We coordinate with neighbouring school districts to align our decisions where possible. Extra-curricular activities, school events and field trips may be cancelled because of weather – even when school remains open.  

The decision to close schools is made in consideration of safety, equity and well-being.  

We consider other impacts weather conditions may have, like bus service impacts, meal programs, and other essential student supports as well as impacts to learning. 

If weather conditions begin while school is in session, in most circumstances, schools will remain open until the end of the school day. 

Except under extreme circumstances, all schools and offices will remain open, if possible. Typically, no announcement will be made that schools are open; only cancellations, closures or delayed school openings or transportation impacts will be announced. 

What if I disagree with sending my child to school due to weather conditions?  

Student safety is our top priority. Parents/guardians are responsible for their children's safe travel to and from school. If for any reason a parent/guardian feels that a child cannot travel safely to/from school, then they should make other arrangements.  

During extreme weather conditions it is also common for emergency services and other authorities to advise people to avoid unnecessary travel. Should a family decide to keep their children out of school, they should notify the school about the expected absence. Students will not be penalized. Students are reminded to wear appropriate clothing for the conditions. Please take extra care when driving, biking or walking when sidewalks and roads are slippery. 

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