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Register for courses at South Hill or Gathering Place: 

Adult Education is focused on providing flexible and accessible programs. Students can enroll in courses throughout the school year and programs may be designed and adjusted to meet individual learning needs. Adult education offers both structured in-person courses as well as hybrid self-paced courses where students can work at their own pace in a supportive environment to complete their secondary graduation requirements.

Self-paced courses

Registration for hybrid self-paced courses can occur throughout the school year from September until April 26. Students have until June 19 to complete their courses.

Structured courses

Structured courses are offered over four quarter terms (starting Sept, Nov, Feb and April), two semester terms (starting Sept and Feb) and one summer term (starting July) during the school year. 

Contact Gathering Place or South Hill offices to develop an student learning plan.  

Program eligibility:

Adult Education provides educational opportunities ranging from beginning literacy to secondary school completion for students 16 years or older. Students must be 16 years of age as of July 1 of the current school year to be eligible. 

VSB Adult Education follows our District “Access to City Services without Fear” guidelines. Prospective students who have questions about their eligibility to attend are welcome to contact our school directly.  Please see the New Students page for further information.

Registration for current students 

Current students have attended VSB South Hill or Gathering Place Education Centres since July 2023.

Registration for new and returning students

Students who have not attended VSB South Hill or Gathering Place Education Centres since July 2023..

Registration for international students

Students who are international students studying in the Vancouver area


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