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Self-paced courses

Self-Paced Courses at South Hill and Gathering Place Education Centres

Registration for Self-Paced 2024 2025 opens in September 

Self-Paced Courses 2023 - 2024

Self-paced is a hybrid program, not an online program. 

  1. Students are expected to attend in-person, at least once per week
  2. Tests are written at school
  3. Instructional assistance is available in-person

Registration for Self-Paced courses 2023-2024 has closed for this school year. 

Self-paced courses allow you to work at your own pace and receive assistance from our instructors and instructional assistants in-person.  These courses do not require daily attendance, so they can be  suitable for students who require a flexible schedule. 

Study at your own pace in an innovative learning environment, combining the opportunities of online study and access to teachers.

Upgrading your career, and don't have time to come to school every day? This is for you!

Courses available in Math, Science, English, Humanities, Computer Science in a supportive self-paced environment!

What our students are saying:

“I wanted to thank you and your team for providing a great online learning experience! You’ve all been kind, helpful and supportive. The online courses are well-laid out. I didn’t care much for Math in high school, but I’m rather enjoying it now, and the experience at South Hill is the big reason why.  So, thank you for this!”

R.M, Vancouver

Gathering Place Education Centre

Gathering Place Education Centre 

Gathering Place offers a full range of self-paced courses from basic to intermediate English and math prep courses leading to Grade 11 and 12 courses.

Email an academic advisor at the Gathering Place to discuss your educational plans and to develop an academic plan. 

South Hill Education Centre

South Hill Education Centre 

South Hill Education Centre offers over 50 self-paced courses in Math, Science, English, Humanities and Computer Science.

Email an academic advisor at South Hill to discuss your educational plans and to develop an academic plan. 

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