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Funding Eligibility

Determination of Eligibility for a Funded K-12 Summer School

For a student to be eligible for a provincially funded education in British Columbia, the student and his or her parent/guardian must meet specific criteria. These criteria are set at the provincial level and not by individual school districts. Below is a summary of the categories under which students may be eligible for provincial funding to attend a public school in BC. Please see the document 'Eligibility of Students for Operating Grant Funding' for a more detailed description of provincial education funding criteria:

Ordinarily Resident

  • Children who, along with their guardian(s), are ordinarily resident in British Columbia.

Refugee Status

  • A child who has been granted Conventional Refugee status abroad prior to their arrival to Canada.
  • A child who had made a claim for refugee status in Canada and whose claim has not yet been determined.

Youth Detained in Custody Centre

  • A child who is detained in custody in a youth custody centre.

Deemed Resident

  • A child who has entered into an agreement with the director under the Child Family and Community Service Act.

Parent/Guardian* Work Permit

A child who is in British Columbia with his or her guardian if the guardian:

  • has been lawfully admitted to Canada for temporary residence, and, 
  • is authorized to work for a period of one year or more, and is, or,
  • will be employed for at least 20 hours per week.

Parent/Guardian* Study Permit

  • Has been lawfully admitted to Canada and is authorized to study for a period of one year or more, and meets specific criteria

Educator Exchange Program

  • Parent/guardian has been lawfully admitted to Canada and is participating in an educator exchange program with a public school in BC.

Parent/Guardian* official representative of foreign government, visiting forces

  • Parent/guardian is carrying out official duties under the authority of the Visiting Forces Act or as an accredited diplomatic agent or other representative of a foreign government in British Columbia.

* Guardian – Definition of ‘Guardianship’

PLEASE NOTE: Any student who does not meet one of the above criteria is not eligible for a publicly funded education in British Columbia and may wish to enroll as a fee-paying International Student or a fee-paying Out-of-Province Student.  

Additionally, eligible students must be currently enrolled in an accredited BC school. 
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