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VSB’s Post-secondary Transition Fair 2024

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Post-secondary transition fair

Students, families, vendors and community members filter inside the front foyer of Magee Secondary School. It’s 4:00 p.m. on Jan. 24 — time for the Vancouver School Board (VSB)’s annual Post-Secondary Transition Fair to begin. 

The fair provides information on services, programs and resources for VSB secondary students with diverse abilities as they begin making the transition from high school to adult life. Representatives from various organizations are available to share information and discuss program offerings, including: 

  • Post-secondary educational providers/colleges
  • Employment agencies
  • Government service agencies
  • Community and transition service providers
  • Adult and children community living services 

Pamela Neuman, VSB’s District Resource Teacher, Secondary Transition, takes the lead on organizing the event every year. When it comes to navigating the right path for post-graduation, Pamela says the fair is a great place to start.

“There is a very drastic difference between high school and the adult world in terms of supports and services, and how to navigate those supports and services,” Pamela says. “We want students to have a very organized, solid and meaningful transition plan.” 

Pamela has been organizing the Transition Fair for the last twelve years. She says it’s an opportunity for students to meet and engage with program operators in a personal way, so they can make informed choices about their next stage of life.

“[Students] can actually have a conversation and meet face to face with the people that operate those programs. They can make informed choices of which program would be the best for them, and where the best supports and services are available,” Pamela explains.

As students make their way from booth to booth, there is a sense of excitement and eagerness buzzing through the crowd, including from grade 12 student, Charlie.

“I’m really excited that other people are checking [these] places out,” Charlie says. “It means a lot to meet people I know here, like teachers and students, and be with everybody who has looked at some [of these] cool places.” 

The event is not only jam-packed with information and opportunities. As another student puts it, it’s also a fun place to be. Grade 12 students William and Kaiya also add to the conversation, sharing their experiences about the fair.

“I’m so happy about it,” says William.

Kaiya adds, “I’m interested in a lot of things.”

As the event ends, students and families exit the school doors better equipped to make decisions about their future. While the right path after high school is different for everyone, one thing is unanimous: informed decision making is key. 

VSB is dedicated to the equitable and meaningful educational experiences of all students. Learn more about VSB’s learning support programs and services.

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