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Gifted Enrichment Centre

As part of the revisioning, the District is proposing to rename MACC to Gifted Enrichment Centre (GEC).

The revised program will provide rich, robust, and engaging programming, and will include learning activities currently implemented in the existing MACC programs. These activities include hands-on learning, such a building models, conducting experiments, and designing using digital platforms. The GECs will also include project-based learning, field studies, and opportunities for students to present and share their new learning with others.

The quality of education will remain the same as before. GECs will continue to meet the needs of students with a Gifted (P) designation, as mandated by the Ministry of Education.

Based on results from the engagement, the GECs will provide four-, six- or eight-week programs that are focused on one topic through multiple learning activities. Students will be able to attend GECs multiple times throughout the year, as many as they would like.

Transitioning to and from GECs

To support students’ social and emotional development, teachers in catchment schools and in the GEC will work together as students move in and out of GEC. Catchment teachers will be provided with resources to help foster understanding among students and families, facilitating smooth transitions for all students as they leave catchment classrooms to attend, and then return.

Pilot Centre

With four MACCs currently in operation, the District is in a unique position and able to use one current MACC as a pilot project to implement the changes. The pilot GEC will include public’s hopes, desires and aspirations obtained through the engagement process.

The pilot GEC will begin in September 2022. The District will assess the pilot program in winter 2022 and report back on the benefits, challenges and any additional changes for the program. All GECs are scheduled to be phased-in by September 2025.

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