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Welcome to Kindergarten Bag Resources

Once you have picked up your Welcome to Kindergarten bag, it is time to explore the content inside! Join Teacher Steven as he goes through the materials in the bag in a super fun way!

Fun Ideas and Activities You Can Do with Your Welcome to Kindergarten Bag

  1. Playdough
  2. For the book "When We Are Kind"    
  3. For the book "Flow, Spin, Grow"
  4. For the book "Up!"
  5. For the magazine "Chirp"
  6. School Art Supplies - Scissors and Crayons
  7. Magnetic Letters and Numbers
  8. Social Emotional Learning
  9. Healthy Eating
  10. Physical Literacy
  11. Vancouver Coastal Health - WTK Handout for 2022
  12. Vancouver Public Library Resources

          -Welcome to the Library:

          -Summer Reading Club:

For more resources and activities to do at home, check out the Ministry of Education's new document, "When I Go to Kindergarten"

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