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Fine Arts Program at Nootka

Located at Nootka Elementary School, this program is for Vancouver students in K-7 and takes new students in at each grade level each year according to available space.  Please remember to register at your neighbourhood school first then apply to this program. 

The program emphasizes the arts and develops students’ skills in collaboration, problem solving, and communication. This prepares our students for future academic, artistic, professional or vocational endeavors that they choose to pursue. 

This program is ideally suited for students who enjoy collaborating and creating with others,  are naturally curious and self-motivated, are open to new ideas and experiences, and are prepared to work hard to achieve their goals.

The standard curriculum available in all schools is augmented by specialized instruction in visual arts, dance, music, and process drama. This instruction is taught by teachers with training in the specific disciplines and accounts for about a third of the students’ week. 

Through learning the fundamental concepts underlying these four creative disciplines, students will establish a broad foundation in the arts. 

Visit the school site: Nootka Elementary School 

View some photos of the Nootka Fine Arts Program of Choice

Find more information by attending an information session.

Please note that parents must register their children at their neighbourhood English catchment school from November to end of January before applying for Kindergarten Choice Programs. 

Visit Kindergarten Registration for general information including tools for identifying your English catchment.

Refer to the Kindergarten Choice Program for application procedures and dates

Grade 1-7 District Choice Program applications are submitted to schools directly through a paper form. The form is linked in the District Choice Programs section or our Elementary Programs page:

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