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Cannabis Corner

Below are links to a range of relevant and easy-to-use cannabis resources, guides and tools for youth, parents, caregivers and teachers. 

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For Youth

For Parents and Caregivers

For Teachers

  • iMinds is a collection of health education resources that address multiple areas of BC's new curriculum; published by Centre for Addictions Research of BC 
  • Ten questions about Cannabis Use and Your Student A current, Canadian infographic from Teen Mental
  • Cycles  A classroom resource (video and guide) for secondary schools; developed by Teens Report on Adolescent Cannabis Experiences (TRACE) research program with youth in British Columbia. 
  • This is Your Brain on Pot - a CBC news interactive site explaining the key impacts of cannabis on the brain.
  • A Question of Influence Nova Scotia school curriculum, grade 7 – 9 drug education curriculum
  • Alberta Health Services Multi-grade level lesson plans and other substance use and mental health resources 
  • Vancouver Coastal Health School Health Manual A list of counselling and health promotion services serving schools

"420" Cannabis Event

'420' (pronounced ‘four twenty’) is a term used mostly in North America. It refers to the consumption of cannabis (marijuana) and may be used to identify oneself with cannabis subculture. 420 observances are based on time (4:20pm) as well as date (April 20th) each year.

Vancouver Board of Education Policy:

-  When April 20th falls on a school day school attendance is expected
- Attendance will be taken, and students will be marked absent as on any other day
- For many reasons, VSB does not endorse students participating in 420

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