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Workshop Handouts & Videos

                          Building Bridges with your Teen  more ideas:

SACY Parent Stories: Video of hands-on stories of implementing workshop skills: 

PART 1: Supporting your teen's interests ... even when you don't understand them

PART 2: Understanding your teen's perspective

PART 3: Seek support from other parents 

PART 4: Explore your teen's perspective

PART 5: Shifting our approach in response to our children's needs

PART 6: Relax ... and maybe don't take it so personally

Workshop handouts: 

What parents need to know about teens

Info on Adolescent Development:Adolescent Dev                                                            
- Young Teens
Changing Roles for Parents:- Cats and Dogs
- 12 Ideas
Communication Approaches: - Communication Handout
- Communication Discussion  
Reflecting on Your Relationship:

- Who is in Control?
- Self-Report and change 

                                  SACY Adult Toolkit  more ideas: 

Stages of Change: ideas for parents

Approaches to talking with your teen

Toolkit Workshop Resource page

Talking with pre-contemplative youth

What parents need to know about teen risk-taking

Art of Motivation online resource

Recognizing Resilience: A workbook for parents and caregivers of teens involved with substances

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